Inside the WAVESIX app

WAVESIX is a lifestyle, health and wellbeing tracker – download now to start your health journey and track what works for you.

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What devices does the app work on?

The WAVESIX app works on both Apple and Android devices.

What does the app cost?

WAVESIX is free to try for as long as you like.

How do the six pillars work?

You track your lifestyle under six pillars, but you can use as few or as many of the pillars and sub-categories as you like.

Sleep pillar
Sleep icon


  • Track your sleep window
  • Improve your sleep hygiene
  • Link to your sleep tracker*

(*this will be available in future upgrades of the app)

In the Sleep Pillar you can track all aspects of your sleep – your sleep window, how long you slept, the quality of your sleep, the sleep hygiene suggestions you’re implementing, what disrupted your sleep or kept you awake at night, whether you’re sharing a bed, or if you’re napping during the day.

Nutrition pillar
Nutrition icon


  • Understand how food affects your mental and physical wellbeing
  • Help follow elimination diets
  • Track your eating window – help achieve intermittent fasting

The Nutrition Pillar lets you track the various foods you’re consuming, in what time window, with whom or where. It helps you with elimination diets.

Movement pillar
Movement icon


  • Understand how much (or little) movement you do during a day or week, as well as who with, where, how long, intensity…
  • Gain an incentive to combat a sedentary lifestyle
  • Link to your fitness tracker*

(*this will be available in future upgrades of the app)

Track your movement in the Movement Pillar. This can range from walking to HIIT workputs to dancing. Every movement counts. Also track where and with whom you did it. In future there will be the option of linking to your activity trackers.

Relaxation pillar
Relaxation icon


  • Improve your stress management
  • Identify your stress factors
  • Assess the effectiveness of relaxation techniques, e.g. breathwork, yoga…

How do you relax and manage your stress? Use the Relaxation Pillar to find out the ways that work best for you and identify your stress factors.

Relationships pillar
Relationships icon


  • Identify which people make you feel happy and which make you feel anxious
  • Identify the times when you feel lonely
  • Understand the activities that make you feel most connected

The Relationships Pillar reveals the impact that the people in your life have on you. Track your chats, meetings, hangouts and how different people make you feel.

Self pillar
Self icon


  • Record how often you prioritise your own wellbeing
  • Understand the impact of different activities, eg therapy, practising gratitude
  • Use app as a period tracker to understand your cycles and patterns better

Use the Self Pillar to track the activities and parts of your life that are about you.

Feelings pillar
Feelings icon


The six pillars all inform your feelings – and you can use the Feelings tool to record and track your feelings. Did you feel productive, fatigued or happy.

Weather pillar
Weather icon


What part does the weather play? The cold, the pollen count or exposure to sunlight? You can choose to track the weather to see how it impacts you.

App screen showing a detailed view of the calendar

Making comparisons – how the calendar works

In calendar view you can compare up to six entries side by side. Over time this gives you a pattern showing how different activities influence each other, e.g. sleep and productivity, cold weather and pain, singing and happiness.

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