WAVESIX is a lifestyle, health and wellbeing tracker – a tool for figuring out the things that have an impact on you, both the positive and the negative.

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WAVESIX puts you in charge of your own lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

The way our minds and bodies work is a mystery. We don’t know why some days we feel great and others we are unmotivated, bored or worse. We can’t work out why sometimes we experience pain when other times we feel strong and healthy.

But the truth is that there is always a reason. It’s just hard to identify. WAVESIX is here to help you explore the mystery that is you.

How does WAVESIX work?

WAVESIX tracks six essential areas of your life: sleep, nutrition, movement, relaxation, relationships and self. These are the WAVESIX pillars.

Pillar recording screen in the wavesix app

Each day you input a simple record of what you’ve done and how you feel.

But it’s entirely up to you how you use WAVESIX.

  • You can record just one or two things that really matter to you, for example food and energy levels.
  • You can add categories to Favourites so it’s quick to input to them.
  • You can customise it to add as many items as you like in a category – for example under Movement you can include walking, gym, running, yoga etc.
  • You can track all six categories to give yourself as complete a picture of possible.

Once you’ve tracked yourself for a few weeks…

You begin to spot the patterns.

Question and sleep icons

The habits that harm your sleep

Food and self icons

The food that makes you bloated.

Questioning and movement icons

The movement that hurts your back

Feelings and relationship icons

The people who make you happiest.

questioning and food icons

The ingredient that causes you fatigue.

relaxation and feelings icons

The activity that builds your confidence.

Calendar view in the wavesix app

Make a change and track the difference

If you identify a negative pattern, you can make a change to your lifestyle and track the difference it makes.

Over time small changes add up to big impacts. The ripple effect turns into waves. This is why the app is named WAVESIX – it’s about making waves in your life.

More about the App

Who is WAVESIX for?

You! You’ve read the articles, heard the podcasts, talked to friends and are now wondering whether a plant-based diet, meditation or cold showers are for you. With WAVESIX you can easily figure it out. And that’s not all.

Daily summary in the wavesix app

Anyone can use WAVESIX to understand more about themselves.

WAVESIX is for you if you want to:

  • Go on a journey to understand yourself better.
  • Fix an issue with your health, sleep, mood etc.
  • Find out how to become the best version of yourself.
  • Motivate yourself to start or continue to make positive changes
  • Understand the impact of a new behaviour, eg starting exercise, dietary changes or group activities

What impact can WAVESIX have?

WAVESIX helps you get the most out of life. Depending on the issues in your life you could experience a wide range of positive impacts.

Self icon

Less stress

relaxation icon

Inner calm

feelings icon

Less chronic pain

self icon

Feeling less lonely

relationship icon

Better relationships

weather icon

Improved immunity

nutrition icon

Greater energy levels

sleep icon

More refreshing sleep

feelings icon

Improved health issues

movement icon

Better work-life balance

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